A classic photo booth has the feel of a Vintage photo booth, but it has its own personality. When you hire a Shindig Classic Photo Booth, you can decorate, or personalize, the outside of the booth with the appearance of a billboard. This is an excellent way to focus on the occasion, whether it is for a personal, business, or other special event. You can also have a background designed for the interior of the booth to match the decoration on the exterior of the booth. You bring the ideas, we’ll embellish the booth.

You also have the choice of configuring the interior of the classic photo booth with the standard one bench or you can have a standing area behind the bench. We also have smaller seating for children’s parties. Adults can fit into a kid’s booth, they just have to sit on a lower bench so that they are within the camera’s range. There is no limit to the number of people who can get into a photo session, because if they can get into the booth, they’ll be in the picture. And, everyone that is in the picture will get their own personal photo.

A classic photo booth required a working area of 3m x 3m with an electric outlet. This amount of space enables the booth to be in a central location for your event with the party themed, props table nearby for the convenience of your guests. If you elect to have the optional red carpeted VIP entrance, you will need to have a 5m x 3m area to accommodate the carpet. The classic photo booth works well for both indoor and outdoor events. There needs to be an overhead covered area for the booth in the event of bad weather.

For reservations, optional information, suggestions, or questions about a Shindig Classic Photo Booth, please use our CONTACT PAGE for the different ways to get in touch with one of our photo booth specialists. If we are not immediately available, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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