Payment & Cancellation Policy


What Payment Options Do We Accept?

Here at Shindig Photo Booth Hire, we accept:

  1. Major credit cards (Visa and Mastercard)
  2. PayPal
  3. Electronic funds transfer (EFT)


When is My Credit Card Charged?

We charge you a 50% deposit when you make a booking (and it is confirmed by a member of our staff), and the remaining 50% on the night of the event.


Is My Credit Card and Account Information Secure?

Shindig Photo Booth Hire is a safe and secure site. We have advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption and authentication software in place to ensure that your credit card and account details remain secure. For more information, please view our Privacy Policy.


What’s Our Cancellation Policy?

After the initial 50% deposit has been paid, all bookings that are cancelled after this period will lose the deposit in full.