A Shindig Mirror Photo Booth is the absolute best form of interactive fun that your guests will not be able to resist. The photo booth is a full length selfie mirror that is positioned without an enclosure. It can be set up with a plain or personalized background. When you step in front of the mirror, some colorful animation will appear that, when you touch it, will start your photo session. What you see in the mirror is what will be on your photo prints. The wonder of the mirror photo booth is that it can be programmed to show graphics that will offer posing suggestions, such as funny faces, scary faces, sexy poses, and more. There is also the option for the mirror to offer voice guidance. Not only will you, and whomever else you want in the mirror photo with you, have some spur-of-the-moment fun, but anyone else standing nearby can laugh along with you. The mirror photo booth is truly tomorrow’s technology available for today’s celebrations.

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